Späckhuggaren is built for a single father of two with great interests in music, sailing and nature. The house is located half an hour north of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast at the edge of a vast farmland.

The context has some very specific historic legacy as an old farm stall and warehouse used to rest on the site. It burned down some generations ago and was never rebuilt but has influenced the design. The new house is a straightforward warehouse inspired volume with a distinct framing and with large barnyard doors covering the windows facing west, all painted in traditional Swedish Falu-Red colour.

The client, a single father of two, wanted an open and social two-story house. He wanted a house that could blend in and become a part of the site and its surroundings but also had a spatial richness of its own.

The bearing concept of the design is an open section through the house. Just like the open plan it allows the rooms to intertwine between the two floors.

TypologyPrivate Housing
Size134 sqm
TeamAndreas Lyckefors, Per Bornstein, Johan Olsson, Caroline Jokiniemi, Viktor Stansvik, Monica Warwick, Ainhoa Etxeberria
LocationKärna, Sweden
PhotographyMikael Olsson

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